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Neither the last nor the faintest were we!

Harrow Families is a celebration of Harrow’s past and the names of those who have trod the Hill before us; but it is also a living document.

We wish to ensure that the records of families already recorded are kept up to date; and we also wish to add new families as they become represented in three generations.

The creation of the digital version in 2012 allows much easier access to the records by members of the Harrow Association. The software gives families the opportunity to enhance their own records by uploading photographs and portraits and other documents which illustrate their history and achievements.

Please get in touch with the Editor, P D Hunter, if you would like to add your family to the Harrow Families Archive or discuss your page.

Any amendments, corrections and suggestions should also be directed to the Editor.

James McLeod
Upper Cairnryan
Harrow Park
Harrow on the Hill
+44 (0) 20 8872 8504