How to Use the Harrow Families Archive

Is it nought – our long procession,
Father, brother, friend and son?


The Browse Section has two links to the original Family Books which have been converted to a page-turning format.

Click on either button to open the book and then browse through the pages as desired. The names are not completely in alphabetical order.

To find specific families or records open the Search Page.


The Search panel allows a free text entry which can then be modified by the four checkboxes. By default all four boxes are checked. Uncheck any to exclude them from your search results.

The text you can enter may be any word or part word. Note the majority of the records are in fact just surnames and the other columns include various ranks and titles.

As an example, if you wished to find the records for Pleydell-Bouverie, you could simply enter Pley and press Search. This will also find Bouverie since Pleydell-Bouverie has been entered as a related alternative.

Alternatively you could enter Bou and press Search. This will also find Pleydell-Bouverie but not Pleydell. It will also find other names which start with or contain Bou.

Following a successful search the results are displayed in a table which also shows the number of generations for the family, direct (G1) and indirect (G2). The minimum requirement for inclusion of families in the books is three generations of Harrow boys.

View Page

Select a line in the table and press View Page to see the original page in PDF format.

E Tree

Click this button to view a sample electronic version of the Hodgson family tree.

The links column is reserved for future development.